This policy sets forth the commitment of Stiki's Board of Directors on the quality of the company's services, and for its services to always meet customer expectations. The Board is mindful that quality is an ongoing quest and an active, dynamic process that needs particular attention. Professionalism is the key to success, which is why this Quality Policy has been formulated. The policy's implementation is important for assuring Stiki's staff and clients about our focus on quality.The Board of Directors of Stiki has approved this policy and supports its implementation.



This policy covers all personnel employed by Stiki or working for the company under contract. All Stiki employees and contracting partners are responsible for the policy's implementation. These parties will be supported by Stiki's Board, which has approved this policy.



Stiki aims for the company's products and services to always meet customer and staff requirements and expectations for professionalism. Stiki aims to be a leader in its field. Therefore, it is Stiki's policy to:

  • Ensure that the company delivers agreed-upon services at the agreed time.
  • Provide customers with excellent and professional services based on our staff's integrity as well as mutual trust.
  • Ensure cost-effective operations so that Stiki's activities deliver a maximum service level for customers for agreed payment terms, as well as healthy dividends to shareholders and competitive salaries for our employees.
  • Apply total quality management methods, with all staff's active participation in continual improvements.
  • Provide a good working environment for staff as well as professional encouragement. Support their initiative.
  • Maintain and promote staff's professional expertise.
  • Comply with laws, regulations and rules pertaining to Stiki's operations, administrative law, the Data Protection Act, the Information Act and other applicable law.
  • Comply with all agreements to which Stiki is a party and which in some way relate to quality matters.


Ways to achieve the objective

Stiki's ways to achieve the above objectives are:

  • To operate and maintain an organisational manual, containing procedures and processes regarding quality matters.
  • For all Stiki staff to comply with the organisational manual as well as all other management instructions.
  • For all Stiki staff to receive training in quality issues and to be educated in their responsibility for quality.
  • For all operations to follow ISO 9001:2015 (ÍST EN ISO 9001:2015).
  • To maintain certification under ISO ISO 9001:2015 (ÍST EN ISO 9001:2015).



Responsibility for the Quality Policy's implementation and maintenance is divided in the following manner:

The Board of Directors of Stiki is responsible for the Quality Policy and reviews it regularly.

Stiki's Organisational Manager is responsible for this Quality Policy's implementation through applying appropriate standards and work processes.

All Stiki employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the work processes intended to ensure the Quality Policy's implementation. Stiki's partners, contractors and suppliers are responsible for compliance with the contractual work processes intended to ensure the Quality Policy's implementation.

All Stiki employees are responsible for reporting deviations and flaws relating to deliver of products or servicees and customer expectations.



This policy is reviewed annually or more often if required to ensure its conformity with the objectives of Stiki's business goals.