ISO 27001 Implementation

Stiki's team of experts can guide your organization in developing an implementing and information security management system that is compliant to ISO 27001. This includes all of the necessary documentation, an industry leading risk management solution, and over 50 years of combined experience in information security and the certification process.

Stiki has a 100% successful track record for all ISO 27001 implementations.


Our Approach:

Our approach to successful implementation of an effective and efficient ISMS system compliant to ISO 27001 includes 5 steps:

  • Step 1 - Client-Oriented Project implementation and Planning: During our initial meeting we get to your business and objectives. We identify the unique challenges your organization faces and build a strategic project plan to address your ISMS needs. In this phase we define the ISMS scope, begin awareness training, and perform an initial gap analysis to understand the current situation.
  • Step 2 - Data Collection and Stakeholder Meetings: During this step our team works with the identified stakeholders from your organization. In these facilitative meetings we gather information in regards to stakeholder concerns, issues, and assets which they control. From there we work with stakeholders to understand the assets, threats, and their role in the business functions
  • Step 3 - Risk Management Process: Using our industry leading risk management solution, RM Studio, we complete a risk assessment, gap analysis, and risk treatment plan compliant with ISO 27001. RM Studio assist in assessing assets and threats based on the framework of ISO 27005. Further, RM Studio will automatically generate 11 reports necessary in the evaluation and assessment of the risk management aspects of the ISMS. Reports include the Statement of Applicability, Risk Treatment, Risk Assessment Detailed Report and an Executive Summary. RM Studio is also utilized to develope a business continuity and recovery plan for your organization. With RM Studio all of your risk management efforts are contained in a centralized repository using a scalable, dynamic tool.
  • Step 4 - Implementation: Upon completing the risk management portion our team will assist in identifying the priority mitigating controls to be put in place. Further, the necessary documentation, such as the security policies, processes, and security manual will be completed and finalized. The implementation process also includes further ISMS awareness and operations training.
  • Step 5 - The Audit and Certification: In this step, we complete an internal audit in order to prepare the team for the certification process. All incidents and nonconformities will be addressed. Further, we will work with your team to prepare for the audit. Finally, our team will be with you during the audit ensuring that all questions and concerns raised by the auditor are addressed.


With Stiki's approach, you gain clarity, focus, clear direction, action plans, and access to information security experts. For more information contact us at or by phone at +354 570-0600.