Stiki InterRAI MH - Mental Health is a registration system that was designed in a collaboration between Stiki and the Landspítali - University Hospital which is the largest hospital in Iceland.

InterRAI MH is used to assess the conditions and health of patients in the psychiatric department of the hospital. The instrument is used to support care planning, outcome measurement, quality improvement for use in in-patient psychiatry and is developed in accordance with the latest assessment form of the InterRAI family of instruments.

The InterRAI MH system is in the family of other InterRAI-systems developed by Stiki. All of the systems use the standardized InterRAI-methodology.

The InterRAI methodology
The method was developed in the USA in 1986 but has since been translated and localized around the world in an international collaboration called InterRAI. Iceland‘s participation in this collaboration began in 1993. The usage of the method is subject to copyright but the Ministry of health in Iceland has signed a contract with InterRAI which authorizes Stiki to use the InterRAI-method in this new information system.

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