Stiki InterRAI HC - Home Care is a registration system developed to use the InterRAI HC assessment sytem in the homecare settings in Iceland.


InterRAI (Residential Assessment Instrument) is a method for assessing the health and circumstances of elderly people receiving home care.


The InterRAI HC - Home Care system is a sister application to Stiki's InterRAI MDS 2.0 - Nursing Home system. Both systems use the standard methodology of the InterRAI assessment systems in order to be able to assess quality based on standard InterRAI indicators.


The method was developed in the US 16 years ago, and has since been translated and localised throughout the world in a multi-national collaborative framwork named interRAI. Iceland's participation in this partnership started in 1993. The method's use is subject to copyright, and the Ministry of Health has made an agreement with interRAI authorising Stiki to use the InterRAI methodology in this new information system.


Ckeck for further information on interRAI.