Risk management

Our team of risk management experts can assist and conduct risk assessments and develop risk treatment plans for your organization. At Stiki, we work with you to identify assets, threats and mitigating controls to ensure your information is secure.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the overall process of risk analysis and risk evaluation.

The risk management process

Risk assessment includes the evaluation of threats that an organization's assets are facing. The Risk Assessment is also an appraisal of the effects of threats on the assets in question, the sensitivity of assets towards the threats and the likelihood of the threats occurring. Risk assessment also takes into consideration the scope and consequences of risk with respect to the nature of the information being processed. The objective of risk assessment is to create conditions for the selection of security controls and policies. Risk assessment should be completed and reviewed regularly in order to maintain best practices in regards to Information Security Management Systems.


Risk Treatment

Risk treatment is the process of determine your organization's course of action in regards to reducing, avoiding, transferring or accepting risk that are present. In this stage organizations determine when mitigating controls will be implemented and what actions will be put in place to address risk.

Stiki's Risk Assessment &Treatment Services

We begin the process by first understanding your organization and its business objectives. Through our client-oriented project implementation and planning meeting results, our team of experts work with you to determine the scope of your risk assessment and treatment process.
From there, we will facilitate and guide your team through the asset and threat identification process. Throughout the identification process, with our expert knowledge and experience we will assist in the evaluation of assets and threats utilizing best practices methods.

The next step is conducting the risk assessment. We complete the risk assessment process in our industry leading risk management solution, RM Studio. RM Studio allows users to complete traceable, repeatable, and scalable risk assessments based on the organization's unique condition.

Utilizing the results of the risk assessment, our team will then guide your team through the completion of a risk treatment plan. RM Studio will again be utilized and assist in the decision making process for which risk and vulnerabilities have the highest priority.

For further information on how we can assist you with your risk assessment and treatment needs, please contact us at stiki@stiki.eu or by phone at +354 570-0600.

For more information on RM Studio, please visit the RM Studio website at www.riskmanagementstudio.com.